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Choose the nano ceramic coating!


What is a nano ceramic coating?


The nano ceramic coating is a protection that is applied directly to the varnish of a vehicle. It is a treatment that protects the vehicle's paint and allows it to maintain its appearance for a long time.

The hardness of the nano-ceramic protective layer provides scratch resistance far superior to a regular wax or sealant.

In addition, the durability of nano ceramic is remarkable: resistant to contaminants with a pH of 1 to 13, which means that neither acid rain, nor trips to the automatic car wash nor insect cleaners or anti-rust will not affect the effectiveness of this protective layer.


How does it work ?


The nano ceramic coating chemically bonds to the surface of the car to provide semi-permanent protection that lasts between 2 and 4 years. This reaction results in a thin, extremely durable layer of glass that protects the car against micro-scratches, UV rays, fading and loss of luster in addition to repelling water and dirt.


5 advantages of using nano ceramic


1-    It's the best car paint protection available
Nano ceramic effectively provides the body with a solid protective surface that can block all kinds of foreign bodies and thus prevent them from causing damage to the car. Whether it's a scratch, mud, dirt, insects or chemicals, your vehicle will be protected.

2-    Nano ceramic lasts longer 
Since the nano ceramic coating is welded to the surface of the automobile, it cannot be dislodged by vibration or external force. Traditional vehicle coatings, such as wax, will tend to fade over time.


3-    The car stays cleaner
The nano ceramic's ultra-smooth layer of glass prevents dirt from finding tiny spaces to sink into. This means that even when dirt comes into contact with the coating, it will not be able to stick to it and will simply roll off the surface. 


4-    You will no longer need wax or sealant
Nano ceramic is all you need to protect your car. Its level of performance is so high that you will be able to say goodbye to expensive waxes and sealants that last much less.


5-    It's profitable !
At first glance, the cost of nano ceramic coating may seem high, but when you look a little closer, you realize that it is a very profitable investment in the long term. Unlike wax which only lasts 1 to 3 months, for around $200 per application, nano ceramic can last between 2 and 4 years for a price that starts at $650. Do the math and you will realize that the price of nano ceramic is not as high as you might think.


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