Our Team

  • Sales new cars

    Daniel Bissonnette
    Daniel Bissonnette Sales Manager 450-348-6816 Ext. 2013 Send an Email
    Daniel Fombarov
    Daniel Fombarov Assistant Director 450-348-6816 Ext. 2027 Send an Email
    Dominic Leblanc
    Dominic Leblanc Sales Representative 450-348-6816 Ext. 2010 Send an Email
    Karl Moussette
    Karl Moussette Sales Consultant 1-855-753-9125 Ext. 2035 Send an Email
    Ludovic Cloutier-Langlois
    Ludovic Cloutier-Langlois Sales Consultant 450-348-6816 Ext. 2028 Send an Email
    David Desmarais
    David Desmarais Sales Consultant 450-348-6816 Ext. 2030 Send an Email
    Karine Dupuis
    Karine Dupuis Sales Secretary 450-348-6816 Ext. 2031 Send an Email
    Jérémie Paquette
    Jérémie Paquette Director of renewal 450-348-6816 Ext. 2008 514-914- 8888 Send an Email
    Sonia Dugrenier
    Sonia Dugrenier Financial Manager 450-348-6816 Ext. 2018 Send an Email
    Patrick Champagne
    Patrick Champagne Financial Advisor 450-348-6816 Ext. 2024 Send an Email
    Richard Naud
    Richard Naud Financial Advisor 450-348-6816 Ext. 2026 Send an Email
    Isabelle  Julien
    Isabelle  Julien Delivery attendant 450-348-6816 Ext. 2015 Send an Email

    Sales pre-owned cars

    Danik Desjardins
    Danik Desjardins Pre-Owned Cars Manager 450-348-6816 Ext. 2007 Send an Email
    Stéphane Lareau
    Stéphane Lareau Sales representative 450-348-6816 Ext. 2017 Send an Email
    Pascal Roy
    Pascal Roy Sales Consultant 450-348-6816 Ext. 2023
    Frederic Levesque
    Frederic Levesque Sales Consultant 450-348-6816 Ext. 2002

    Online Sales

    Patrick Beauchemin
    Patrick Beauchemin Web Consultant 514-779-5080


    Nancy Chalifour
    Nancy Chalifour Assistant Customer Service Representative 450-348-6816 Ext. 2004 Send an Email
    Dominic Codispoti
    Dominic Codispoti Parts Manager 450-348-6816 Ext. 2006 Send an Email


    François Duquette
    François Duquette President 450-348-6816 Ext. 2025 Send an Email
    Julie Trahan
    Julie Trahan Controller 450-348-6816 Ext. 2032 Send an Email
    Danielle Rioux
    Danielle Rioux Administrative Assistant 450-348-6816 Ext. 2016 Send an Email

At Saint-Jean Hyundai we pride ourselves on making it worth your trip from wherever you are on the South Shore or in the Eastern Townships to have all your automotive needs taken care of, with professionalism and a smile.

So whether you're looking for a new Hyundai vehicle, in search of a quality used car, truck or SUV, or in need of expert automotive service, we invite you to contact us online or by telephone at 1 877 279-9832, or come down and see us at our convenient local store.

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